House Party Know-How!

“It’s not the issue I care about most, but it is the issue I must care about first.”

Gerrymandering is described as the system for politicians to choose their voters rather than the other way around. It fosters political extremism, low voter turnout, gridlock and politicians who respond to contributors instead of the voters they represent. It’s been called an “incumbency protection racket.” Indiana is one of the States most plagued by non-competitive districts.

Once each decade, our representatives in the Statehouse vote on how legislative district lines will be drawn. For Indiana to change to an independent redistricting commission, action has to be taken by the Indiana General Assembly in 2018. Despite bi-partisan support after a 2-year legislative study commission, re-districting reform failed in 2017. Many good states men (and women) in the Legislature support redistricting reform, but we need more support. It will take a ground-swell of concerned citizens to convince legislators to risk the comfort of non-competitive districts for the sake of making democracy work. We must “un-rig the system.”

But what can you do?

Learn how to be an activated citizen for re-districting reform and have fun doing it! Debbie Asberry, past 1st Vice President of the League of Women Voters Indian (LWVIN) and currently LWVIN Redistricting Advocate, will lead a how-to session for hosting redistricting house parties. Debbie will provide the specific steps and tools to host a party that builds a network of educated citizens ready to take action for support of a representative democracy.
The training is free but space is limited. Come prepared to take action.

Be sure to register for this event using the weblink! Registration is required.


Sep 21 2017 - Sep 22 2017


St. Luke's United Methodist Church
St. Luke's United Methodist Church Indianapolis IN United States 46260
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