Education Policy

Education Policy Position Review – Local, State, & National

Education Policy Position Review

Please check this section for materials related to the LWV Indianapolis’ ongoing review of local, state, and national policy positions on education. In preparation for the next meeting on Wednesday, October 9 at 7p.m. at North United Methodist Church, please look over these documents:

Before public hearings for citizen comment on proposals are held, and before proposals are approved, public information on the proposals’ objectives, costs, benefits, and market feasibility should be made easily available for citizen examination. In order to evaluate the incentives used, the city should maintain and publish records regularly in those cases involving public-private partnership. A record of employment created also should be made public at established intervals.

In assessing whether or not to expend public funds, the incidence (who pays ultimately) of a tax, the effect on the tax base, and the fairness to various taxing districts should be considered. While special bodies may be necessary to develop and administer particular projects, those bodies should not have the power to override the City-County Council.

Downtown development and maintenance goals should contribute to safely working, living, and visiting there: